Your Path to Financial Liberation


Are you ready to experience the freedom of being financially successful and have that be your ongoing reality?

Of course you are, how could you not be?

Notice the first thing that comes up when you hear the words “financial freedom.”

What is the bullshit story you're telling yourself of why you can’t be financially abundant?

Does it sound something like this...

I can’t handle that much responsibility, my life would be weighed down with too much to do, too much to give, and too much to manage.

I am just too stupid, I don’t have enough knowledge, no one has ever taught me, I can’t do it, I am not the person for the job. It’s never happened for me so why would it now?

Am I really that powerful? And if yes, that scares me!

Imagine what it would be like to be on the other side of these financial beliefs that have blocked you for so long, WOW!

What would that feel like?

Take a moment to paint a picture of this in your mind.

What does this picture look like? Who’s in the picture? What are you doing? What are you wearing? What would be different about you?

Does this excite you?

Can you visualize yourself living this kind of life?

Visualizing this is incredible and exciting, but as you know it’s not just about seeing something in your mind to experience it as your reality.

You may notice the person in the picture is powerful, generous, kind, compassionate, grounded, vulnerable, self-expressed, honest, loving and effective.

You must embody this kind of person if you are to experience a profound and vast shift in the area of money.

Knowing and understanding what creates financial success is great and important, yet,

YOU must fully live into this idea in order to turn this financial freedom into your reality.

This takes support and someone to guide you through your blind spots.

It also takes someone mentoring you and training you to go through the “eye of the needle” so you can get to the other side and live into your dream.

If this was easy you would have done it by now.

It takes commitment, determination, boldness, and a huge amount of love and compassion to shift your money reality.

Sarah Love is a kick-ass coach and a master teacher and an advanced energetic healer. 

She has mentored multi-millionaires who have experienced exponential growth in their businesses and life from working with her.

She will be leading this program and will help you be clear energetically, raise your frequency, download new agreements for you in the world of abundance, and train you to be the most successful person you can be from pure love.

You will never look back.

Please only sign up if you are 100% ready to conquer your money issues, be willing to have someone stand with you to break through this area of life and follow your SOUL’S guidance.

Also please note that a massive shift In your relationship to money will grow every area of your life!

Guest Speakers Include -

Amanda Frances - Self made Multi Millionaire and Money Queen 


  • Week 1 - The frequency of money - recorded (Amanda Frances and Sarah Love)
  • Week 2 - Whats in the way of your financial success (live with Sarah Love)
  • Week 3 - Clean up (recorded with Sarah Love)
  • Week 4 - Transforming, and what action needs to be taken (live with Sarah Love)
  • Week 5 - Creative expression and generating abundance (recorded Sarah Love and Meg Schwarzrock)
  • Week 6 - The plan (live with Sarah Love)
  • Week 7 - Executing the plan (live with Sarah Love)
  • Week 8 - Enrollment/Sales (Sarah Love recorded)
  • Week 9 - More inner clearing (energetic downloads, not recorded or live) (Sarah Love )
  • Week 10 - Moving forward (live with Sarah Love)




Together all 10 Videos of this unique program are offered for $555.55

Sign up now and receive immediate access to "The Frequency of Money" Video with Sarah Love and the Money Queen, Amanda Frances.

*Remaining videos will be delivered over following nine weeks. You will be notified through email (every 7th day) when next training video is accessible in your member's library.

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